Try On These Glasses

Most of us spend most of our time thinking about the impact the world has on us.  Me, myself and I, are our constant companions.  It is a Validation Society practice to try on a different way of looking at things, occasionally.  Think about things from somebody else’s point of view, occasionally.

True, many people are unaware that they have a point of view.  If you are reading this right now, trying to figure out whether you have one, I have good news.  Everybody else is thinking the same thing you are.  This could be called unconscious empiricism.  The effect is that you believe the world you perceive to be real in all important ways.  The world you perceive is an interpretation of sense data.  Are you uncomfortable eating hot peppers? You have an internal knowledge of reality that hot peppers are not good to eat.  How do you explain people who seem to like hot peppers?

Are all the other drivers on the road inconsiderate asses, getting in your way as you travel from place to place?  How is that possible.  To them, you are one of the “all the other drivers on the road.”  You are not an inconsiderate ass.  We both know that.  How do you explain that?

The embedded video below is an interesting way to look at the me-centric world.


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