Welcome to the International Validation Society

This is a new site and we hope you will help us develop great content as your Society grows. How do you validate others? Let us know!

Why a Validation Society?

The theory of social validation is often used to explain why social networks like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook are so popular. The basic idea is that people are crying out for social validation; re-tweets, comments, shares of their stuff and so on. We see social validation as something that you can do rather than something that is done to you. Yes, this means that you have a way to be noticed in the world for things that are generally thought of as positive and uplifting, but the focus of the validation Society is to give rather than receive. What you will find, if you start practising active validation among your peers is you will develop the reputation of somebody with a Great Attitude, someone who is a Pleasure to Talk To, and someone who is Universally Liked. Oddly, the side-effects of practicing Social Validation will provide you with the passive social validation that you are, yourself, subconsciously looking for.

Join the International Validation Society

For just $20 per year, you get a voice in the projects undertaken by the International Validation Society, the right to claim membership, and start local chapters. We test ways to validate people more effectively, support social causes and generally have a great time together. When two or more members of the Validation Society are gathered in one place, joy and happiness are always present.

Validation the Movie

This movie encapsulates the heart of how Active Social Validation works, so take a moment to check it out.

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